What do the Seabat's make? What don't they make?
Every thing from stitched up specimens, to fossilized duplications, to giant mechanical creatures based on endangered mythozoological beasts, to Wish Bulbs for those pesky desires unattained.

Here's a nice montage of many of the Seabat's creations

Here's a general overview:

Granma is best known for her Stitched up critters.

Evrin is the collector of all Mythozoological field documentation

Acacia, when not enthralled with her work in the Zenobotony, produces Wish Bulbs.

Neven is usually trying to create artificial life through biochemical and alchemical means.

halo is generally recreating replicas and renderings of her father's mythozoological findings, though the Swamp Kirin is her most popular

Lydia is always getting into the most trouble and making strange accessories and clothing.

Seth's current creative outlet seems to be Rorschach tests.