Saturday, June 28, 2008

halo Seabat's Mythozoological Renderings

Kappa hand cast in wax, modeled after real hand sent to Evrin anonymously

Giant recreations of Ozarkian Pixie wings, modeled after images taken in the Ozarks.

Mechanical Swamp Kirin

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gran's Rocking Chair

While Gran'ma Seabat was away on one of her trips to the Turkish market, I nicked her chair to photograph it. I think it's beautiful.

The Octopus place keeper at the top was a relic stolen from the great lady pirate Grace O'Malley's, the pirate booty when Abrosio, Gran's flame of old, escaped the dreaded ship and henceforth found Seabat Ilse and his dearest Neama along with it. Of course the separated lovers had gained quite a few years in between their last meeting, but that minor issue has yet to sway them. Even Ambrosio's passing couldn't put a wedge between them, Gran' still insists that Ambrosio haunts her wheel chair, watching over her.
And I believe it, you should hear her side of her conversations with him. There's no way she could make that up on her own!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Neven's Specimens

This family connects in some of the most peculiar ways. Neven Seabat seems to have an odd fascination with his mother's stitched animals. I've heard that he sneaks them from her unawares and hides them away in his laboratory stationed beneath the waves. For years, Neven has tried in vain to bring these little creatures to life, only to find that they will only stay animated for twenty-three seconds before slipping back into their original inanimate state.

Excavation Duplication

Captain Evrin Seabat brought this lovely specimen back from the icy cliffs of the Antarctic. Rebuking the cautionary tales of previous explorers, he bored through the outer meters of frozen landscape and uncovered many unknown fossil remains, as well as this unfathomably ancient specimen griphas acecultrix piscimorphus.

halo often gets the itch to present such specimens to the world to prove her father's invaluable work within the scientific researchers field and also because they are so damned cool! She chose to recreate this unique specimen in fired clay mounted within shallow wooden crate. Deciding to add and extra element of remarkableness, she displays the piece fully covered in dried clay, which she then allows for the participating audience to excavate the piece for themselves. It's a real treat to see adults and children alike pick at this thing for hours to discover what's buried beneath.